Custom software development


We develop customized solutions for natural hazard monitoring. We develop new modules for the software-system SeisComP or upgrade/modify existing modules to meet your actual requirements.

To supply you exactly with what you need, we organize our software developments into 5 steps.

Requirement analysis

Together with the affected departments and users we get a general overview of the required functions and necessary tasks.


Often problems occur if the subject matter is at hand. On the basis of fixed requirements we develop a prototype and detect with test runs if your requirements are met. According to the test results we adapt and refine your individual prototype.

Software development

With the refined requirements and results of the prototype tests we concentrate on developing your individual software-system without further delay.

Function- and efficiency test

During the development phase you can already run function-tests with the interim versions we provide you with. Having completed the development we run together with you function-and efficiency tests to avoid surprises when the system is in use.

Launch, maintenance and further development

After the launch of the system we eliminate any remaining bugs or lack of clarity in the specifications. Via our bug-tracking system you always have an overview of the problems and proceedings. As software-systems usually need upgrades and modifications SeisComP is modular and can be upgraded.