Professional edition of SeisComP


What makes it "Pro"

Professional monitoring of local, regional and teleseismic seismicity

SeisComPro provides extensions to the SeisComP community package distributed by gempa GmbH and GFZ Potsdam to fulfill the requirements of earthquake and industrial microseismicity monitoring.

It ships with modules tailored to enhance monitoring of local, regional and teleseismic natural earthquakes, explosions and induced seismic events:


ccloc provides detections of micro-earthquakes.


GAPS provides remote Web access to a SeisComP system.

  • scanloc: for cluster-search based monitoring of earthquake in high-seismicity regions. Unlike scautoloc scanloc considers picks from P and S phases.
  • ccloc for detecting and discriminating events applying template-based cross-correlation of waveforms
  • sceval for discriminating real seismic events from erroneous or fake events which may occur during very-low threshold monitoring.
  • GAPS / WebApps for accessing SeisComP system through a web browser from any system anywhere on Earth. GAPS allows to process waveforms and to visualize events, monitoring networks and data replacing the standard SeisComP GUI applications.

Recommended additional modules are:

  • CAPS - a new acquisition server that is optimized for redundant multi sensor data acquisition. CAPS can be used as a replacement for SeedLink/ArcLink providing full compatibility to SeisComP.
  • npeval - a module for evaluating the network performance in real time and for optimizing network designs.
  • scqceval - a module for dynamically re-configuring networks based on automatic waveform quality (QC) parameters.

In order to improve local earthquake and microseismicity monitoring scanloc has been developed filling the existing gap in the core packages of SeisComP. The scautopick extension S-AIC provides automatic accurate S-picks which further improve the locations by scanloc. It is included in the scanloc package.

Customized high resolution maps are an essential requirement for microseismic earthquake monitoring where precise locations matter. We therefore provide the mapprojection package with new mapping functionality supporting various map projections, high resolution maps and tile servers such as OpenStreetMap.

All modules can be ordered in a package or purchased individually.

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Performance is key

The modules promoted in SeisComPRO enhance the preformance of seismic monitoring systems:

  • natural local and regional earthquakes
  • microseiscmic monitoring
  • induced earthquakes
  • seismicity in mines
  • enhanced geothermal systems
  • oil and gas extraction
  • networks with heterogeneous layout
  • planning of monitoring network designs.