Our Work

What we do and who we are

What we do

gempa GmbH (limited company) offers a wide range of services and products to monitor, process and analyze elemental activity.

We focus on products around the real-time processing system SeisComP which has been developed within the GITEWS (German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System) project by GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences initially. We continue the development and maintenance of SeisComP.

Primarily developed for seismology (earthquake monitoring) we extended the framework SeisComP to monitor, process and analyze data from for instance buoys and tide gauges for Tsunami Early Warning Systems.

At the center of our attention stand workable and easy to use solutions for your individual challenges.

We are developing software in classical programming languages like C or C++ with experience for more than 20 years but are also open to new technologies and are having fun with them. We are scripting mainly in Python, partly with shell scripts, hang out with Java to write mobile apps and felt in love with JavaScript for single page web applications. We do most of our work with Linux and Linux is the operating system used exclusively for operation in our offices.

We are collaborating with international institutions and companies, we are on travel and meet nice and interesting people all over the world.

In a nutshell: We love what we are doing!

Who we are

We are a motivated team of seismologists and software developers.