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Tsunami Simulation of the M8.2 Chile earthquake on September 16, 2015

Sep 18, 2015  ·   Earthquake

Gempa has used the in-house development TOAST to predict the tsunami propagation for the very large M8.2 Chile earthquake on 16 September, 2015. TOAST is a key gempa component for tsunami early warning and has been implemented in early warning centers such as in Oman and Indonesia.

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Potsdam Summer School

Sep 14, 2015  ·   Event

Our presentation on “Real-time Earthquake Monitoring with SeisComP3” is available for download at . The summer school, entitled “Facing Natural Hazards”, was held from 14. to 23. September in Potsdam, Germany, at German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ, IASS, University of Potsdam and AWI.

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Multi Hazard Early Warning System launched in Muscat

Mar 25, 2015  ·   Projects

Oman’s Directorate General of Meteorology and Public Authority for Civil Aviation (DGMET/PACA) launched the Multi Hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) on March 23, 2015. SeisComP3 and many gempa Products are the key components for earthquake analysis and tsunami early warning.

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Deploying Hardware in Muscat

Jan 21, 2015  ·   Projects

We started to deploy the server hardware for the Tsunami Early Warning System in Muscat to be inaugurated in March 2015. Part of the job was to install a bundle of network cables to connect our rack with the central network patch panel.

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We are on the Oman News

Jan 16, 2015  ·   Media

The Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation / Public Authority for Civil Aviation of Oman (DGMAN/PACA) in collaboration with IOC UNESCO held the second Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Workshop for Tsunami Early Warning Systems in Muscat, Oman, June 8-9 2014.

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New gempa GmbH website

Dec 15, 2014  ·   Media

Since we are focusing our work on our projects and our clients, we neglected our online appearance a bit. There are currently so many interesting products in development or ready for production that we want to let you know about them.

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Sep 19, 2014  ·   Products

What? We established an organization at Github to improve collaboration and source code availability. Why? Because we think that Github is a great collaboration platform for software development. Currently people send us patches via email and tracking all issues becomes quite difficult in our email inboxes.

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Moment Tensor Tutorial Video

Jul 22, 2014  ·   Products

Our new add-on for SeisComP3 is out. It is the first Moment Tensor software. Working with SeisComP3 it provides special views to traces and events. Here is a first overview to the new interface.

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