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SeisComP3 supporting NASA’s InSight mission on planet Mars

Nov 26, 2018  ·   Projects

NASA’s InSight mission successfully landed on the Elysium plain today will bring modern seismology to planet Mars and SeisComP3 is part of this enterprise. In collaboration with ETH Zurich , Switzerland, we have developed a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) based on SeisComP3 to assist the earthquake monitoring.

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Tsunami and local earthquake monitoring at TMD, Thailand

Aug 18, 2017  ·   Projects

The Thailand Meteorological Department, TMD , in Bangkok is establishing a new warning and monitoring center for tsunamis and local earthquakes. We have provided and installed SeisComP3 and many of our popular gempa modules and trained the staff at TMD.

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SeisComP3 for monitoring seismicity on Korean penninsula

May 2, 2017  ·   Projects

We are presenting the bleeding-edge developments for SeisComP3 at KIGAM. SeisComP3 has been used by KIGAM, South Korea , to monitor the seismicity on the Korean Penninsula. Using SeisComP3 and our products local earthquake monitoring KIGAM has been successfully recorded and analyzed the large earthquake in September, 2016.

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Monitoring earthquakes at gas storages in Italy

Nov 25, 2016  ·   Projects

Seiscomp3 and gempa modules will be used by OGS to monitor the seismicty in north-east Italy. The monitoring targets include sites where gas is stored in depleted natural reservoirs. We have trained OGS staff members to use SeisComP3 and the gempa modules for observing and analyzing the earthquakes including their moment tensors.

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PACA in Muscat, Oman uses GDS and Moment Tensor Modules

Oct 28, 2016  ·   Projects

PACA in Muscat, Oman has been using our GDS for dissemination of earthquake information and scautomt for automatic inversion for earthquake moment tensors. We have now trained SeisComP3 administrators and operators on their usage.

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TOAST Upgrade and Moment Tensor Modules for Tsunami-Early Warning at BMKG, Indonesia

Jul 26, 2016  ·   Projects

At BMKG in Jakarta, Indonesia , we have upgraded SeisComP3 and TOAST to the latest release and installed the modules MTV and AUTOMT for determination of earthquake moment-tensors. gempa GmbH has been supporting BMKG to establish and to increase capacities for earthquake and tsunami early warning for Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

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SeisComP3 and gempa Modules at NRCan, Canada

Jun 9, 2016  ·   Projects

We have installed SeisComP3 and gempa modules for earthquake monitoring, research and event dissemination at NRCan offices in Ottawa, Canada. Main entrance group picture. Installation at NRCan.

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Multi Hazard Early Warning System launched in Muscat

Mar 25, 2015  ·   Projects

Oman’s Directorate General of Meteorology and Public Authority for Civil Aviation (DGMET/PACA) launched the Multi Hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) on March 23, 2015. SeisComP3 and many gempa Products are the key components for earthquake analysis and tsunami early warning.

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Deploying Hardware in Muscat

Jan 21, 2015  ·   Projects

We started to deploy the server hardware for the Tsunami Early Warning System in Muscat to be inaugurated in March 2015. Part of the job was to install a bundle of network cables to connect our rack with the central network patch panel.

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