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SeisComP3 release Jakarta-2017.124

May 8, 2017  ·   Products

First some statistics for all changes and bugfixes : We have removed 47910 and added 31933 lines of code. 50% of those numbers are related to the generation of the Python wrappers with Swig.

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Sep 19, 2014  ·   Products

What? We established an organization at Github to improve collaboration and source code availability. Why? Because we think that Github is a great collaboration platform for software development. Currently people send us patches via email and tracking all issues becomes quite difficult in our email inboxes.

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Moment Tensor Tutorial Video

Jul 22, 2014  ·   Products

Our new add-on for SeisComP3 is out. It is the first Moment Tensor software. Working with SeisComP3 it provides special views to traces and events. Here is a first overview to the new interface.

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