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SeisComP nightly builds - the bleeding edge pre-release

Apr 16, 2021  ·   Products

We are now providing nightly packages for SeisComP allowing you to download bleeding-edge software packages without compiling yourself. All new features of SeisComP3 have been finally merged into the last release.

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SeisComP 4.5.0: Simplification of magnitude configurations requires actions

Mar 1, 2021  ·   Products

In SeisComP 4.5.0 we have simplified the increasingly complex configuration of magnitudes. However, some configurations must be adjusted by you. Other parameters in the global and scautoloc module configurations were changed in earlier SeisComP 4 minor versions.

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Support for RHEL continues as CentOS8 will be discontinued

Jan 12, 2021  ·   Products

CentOS8 will be discontinued by RedHat but gempa continues to support RHEL and renamed it’s software repositories from centos to rhel. The CentOS team recently announced the switch from CentOS to CentOS Streams:

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2020-12-29: M6.4 earthquake near Petrinja/Croatia

Dec 31, 2020  ·   Earthquake

The M6.4 event hit Croatia near Petrinja on 29 December, 2020 at 11:20 UTC (12:20 local time). The event was a shallow strike-slip event consistent with the local morphology explaining the reported large destruction of the nearby area.

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Covid-19: Online seminars successfully complement our regular trainings

Oct 13, 2020  ·   Training

We care and prepare Online trainings have proven a successful replacement of our regular onsite trainings on SeisComP which could not be held with the current restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus.

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SeisComP3 release Jakarta-2018.327

Dec 3, 2018  ·   Products

First some statistics for all changes and bugfixes : 794 files have changed, with 72798 insertions and 31008 deletions. We have released the SeisComP3 in the new version Jakarta-2018.

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SeisComP3 supporting NASA’s InSight mission on planet Mars

Nov 26, 2018  ·   Projects

NASA’s InSight mission successfully landed on the Elysium plain today will bring modern seismology to planet Mars and SeisComP3 is part of this enterprise. In collaboration with ETH Zurich , Switzerland, we have developed a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) based on SeisComP3 to assist the earthquake monitoring.

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Plate rupturing or landslide? What caused the tsunami after the M7.5 earthquake N of Palu, Indonesia?

Sep 28, 2018  ·   Earthquake

The large tsunami locally observed in the city of Palu, Indonesia on 28 September was triggered after the M7.5 earthquake to the North of the city but the large wave heights seem to be generated by a non-tectonic source.

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EQInfo - new version 2.0.0 of our popular Android App

May 16, 2018  ·   Products

Our totally refreshed EQInfo in version 2.0.0 keeps you up-to-date and alerts you about the latest earthquakes. EQInfo shows maps and table of earthquakes and live seismograms from RaspberryShake seismographs. You can create and share your own felt reports about earthquakes or read the reports from others.

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SeisComP3 release Jakarta-2017.334

Dec 1, 2017  ·   Products

First some statistics for all changes and bugfixes : We have removed 144549 and added 329135 lines of code. In total 1388 files were changed. 50% of those numbers are related to the generation of the Python wrappers with Swig.

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The strong M7.1 earthquake close to Mexico City on 19 September 2017

Sep 19, 2017  ·   Earthquake

The strong M7.1 earthquake near Mexico City is likely to cause severe damage. The event was fully automatically detected and located by our automatic SeisComP3 system only 5 minutes and 21 seconds after the event occurred.

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Rapid moment tensor, shaking intensity and tsunami simulation: the M8.1 Mexico earthquake on 08 September 2017

Sep 8, 2017  ·   Earthquake

We have simulated the tsunami wave heights and observed an unusual source mechanism for the M8.1 earthquake in the Pacific off-coast Mexico on 08 September, 2017. The full suite of SeisComP3 and gempa modules including TOAST and AUTOMT/MTV were applied to analyze this exceptional event.

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Tsunami and local earthquake monitoring at TMD, Thailand

Aug 18, 2017  ·   Projects

The Thailand Meteorological Department, TMD , in Bangkok is establishing a new warning and monitoring center for tsunamis and local earthquakes. We have provided and installed SeisComP3 and many of our popular gempa modules and trained the staff at TMD.

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CTBT: Science and Technology 2017 Conference (SnT2017)

Jun 30, 2017  ·   Event

At SnT2017 in Vienna we have presented our well-proven software developments for real-time monitoring of local, regional and teleseismic earthquakes, tsunami early warning, volcano observation and structural health monitoring. We enjoyed meeting many of our highly-appreciated customers and met even more scientists and operators who became newly interested in our well-proven monitoring solutions.

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SeisComP3 release Jakarta-2017.124

May 8, 2017  ·   Products

First some statistics for all changes and bugfixes : We have removed 47910 and added 31933 lines of code. 50% of those numbers are related to the generation of the Python wrappers with Swig.

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