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Rapid moment tensor, shaking intensity and tsunami simulation: the M8.1 Mexico earthquake on 08 September 2017

We have simulated tsunami wave heights and observed an unusual earthquake source mechanism for the M8.1 earthquake in the Pacific off-coast Mexico.

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TOAST predicts local tsunami for the M7.7 Ecuador earthquake on 16/04/2016

Local tsunami waveheigths of up to 40 cm where observed for the M7.7 Ecuador earthquake on 16/04/2016. The hypocentre, mangitude, centroid depth and moment tensor were calculated using SeisComP3 and MTV The tsunami was modelled and observed based on TOAST .

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Moment tensors provide depth control for reliable tsunami prediction

April 13, 2016  ·   gempa Modules Research

Reliable Tsunami-Early Warning is possible by comprehensive earthquake monitoring, sea-level observations and tsunami modelling based on SeisComP3 , TOAST and MTV .

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