scrttv: Interactive pick association and full waveform reading in SeisComP 5.4.0

Apr 28, 2023


scrttv has undergone major improvements in SeisComP in version 5.4.0 allowing users to identify and select automatic and manual phase picks interactively which are associated to new origins. This can be done real time but now also very easily for any time in your waveform archive.


scrttv with unassociated phase picks, arrivals and interactively associated picks which provide a new origin.

As before in scrttv, picks are visualized in red for automatic and in green for manual phase picks. However, the new design highlights arrivals which are already referenced by other origins. The colors are identical to what is known from scolv: light and dark indicate unassociated and associated picks, respectively. The latter ones are arrivals of origins. Operators seeking to identify seismic signals due to real events which have not yet been associated may now interactively switch to the pick association mode and simply select picks by dragging an area across the shown traces. These newly associated picks are highlighted by a small colored underlying rectangle. They become are immediately used for location and for creating a new origin. Operators may further choose locator details and commit the origin to the SeisComP system where it is received and integrated. These new features in scrttv have been implemented in a very close collaboration with NRCan .

In addition, the time window for showing waveform data and picks can now freely adjusted during runtime and is not fixed anymore to a buffer time. All data can be conveniently reloaded and processed whenever available. This new feature allows an easy inspection of any data in your archive without reconfiguration or restart of scrttv.

More important new features in scrttv are:

  • Interactive selection of predefined filters from new drop-down box,
  • Mapping of phases onto the visualized streams allowing to show picks on visible streams even when they were created on invisible streams, e.g., S picks created on horizontal components are shown on verticals,
  • Interactive change between SeisComP messaging systems by the Settings menu,
  • Loading of event parameters from XML file by command-line option in addition to the interactive File menu.

The changelog of SeisComP provides the complete list of our new and significant developments including those for scolv or scmv and many data processing modules.