CAPS with new web frontend offering increased functionality

Sep 1, 2022


The web frontend of CAPS has been completely redesigned offering much more functionality and interaction while presenting key server information to dedicated users.

The re-design includes interactive browsing of CAPS data archives for viewing the availability of data in selected time spans. Network, stations and streams can be filtered for better focusing. With simple mouse clicks data from archive or in real time can be viewed and data can be downloaded if available in miniSEED format.

As before, the Server stats perspective provides inside into important server statistics. However, opening this perspective is now restricted to users with specific permissions for enhanced privacy.

All these new features have become possible by further optimizing the CAPS server for speed and serving data availability. Those who wish to fetch waveforms and quality parameters in a Linux command-line terminal can now also use capstool .

Visit our CAPS demo website for trying out the new web interface, read our online CAPS documentation for more details or update your own gempa software modules if CAPS updates are available to you.