Farewell SeisComP3: End of life reached

May 31, 2022


We say farewell to SeisComP3 which reached its end of life on 31 May, 2022. A while ago it has been replaced by SeisComP, first launched in version 4.0.0 in June, 2020 and now already in version 4.9.3.

Starting in 2008, SeisComP3 has been used by very many seismologists all over the world for monitoring seismicity at all scales. Since then, it has become a big success story for all of us which we are now continuing. The new name scheme with SeisComP and just the version number allows us to provide the community with new features and many code optimizations even more rapidly.

The end of life has been announced in the SeisComP forum two years ago with the release of SeisComP in version 4.0.0. It means that we are not making or providing any new developments or fixes for SeisComP3 and all our efforts will focus on further advancing SeisComP. The next major version of SeisComP will be 5.0.0 which we will soon announce here.

Your team of gempa!