TOAST in the media for tsunami alert after the M7.5 earthquake on 14 December 2021.

Dec 14, 2021


Our dedicated tsunami module, TOAST, supports media to provide high-quality tsunami information and alerts to the public after earthquakes which potentially generate tsunamis. As tsunamis may be of high risk to societies living along the ocean’s shores, TOAST plays a key role in saving live and protecting infrastructure.

TOAST is in use at data centers world-wide for rapid and comprehensive analysis of the tsunami potential of earthquakes, tsunami simulation and observation. Videos and images generated by TOAST in near real time are not only used at the data centers but also broadcasted by the media to the public by news channels. Watch how tsunami simulations by TOAST have impacted the tsunami alerts made available after the M7.5 earthquake in the Flores Sea, Indonesia, on 14 December, 2021.