gsm: New version 1.0.1 released - actions are required

Jul 12, 2021


gsm is our preferred solution for installing and updating SeisComP and gempa modules by a single application. It ensures consistent and up-to-date SeisComP systems and makes their maintenance easy by a very few commands.

To better support version numbers of modules we have adjusted gsm and provide a new release. The new version breaks existing gsm installations and it is necessary to manually install the gsm release 1.0.1 so that packages can be installed as usual. Unfortunately, the update cannot be done automatically by gsm itself but it requires user interaction. Please follow the migration guide below assuming that gsm is already installed and configured in $HOME/install.

  1. Download the latest gsm version with

    cd $HOME/install

  2. Extract the package

    tar xvfz gempa-gsm.tar.gz

  3. Remove the sync cache

    cd gsm
    rm -rf sync

  4. Update the package cache

    ./gsm update

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