2020-12-29: M6.4 earthquake near Petrinja/Croatia

Dec 31, 2020


The M6.4 event hit Croatia near Petrinja on 29 December, 2020 at 11:20 UTC (12:20 local time). The event was a shallow strike-slip event consistent with the local morphology explaining the reported large destruction of the nearby area.

Real-time automatic and interactive moment-tensor inversion using gempa’s Moment Tensors module with Centroid-depth and 3D-Centroid search was applied to find the focal mechanism and the Centroid location. New features of scmtv could be applied to interactively search the Centroid which was used to compute the ground shaking in the area by SIGMA , another gempa module.

The analysis was support by RaspberryShake seismographs nearby the epicenter.