EQInfo - new version 2.0.0 of our popular Android App

May 16, 2018


Our totally refreshed EQInfo in version 2.0.0 keeps you up-to-date and alerts you about the latest earthquakes. EQInfo shows maps and table of earthquakes and live seismograms from RaspberryShake seismographs. You can create and share your own felt reports about earthquakes or read the reports from others. The App provides collects earthquake information from various earthquake monitoring centers as GFZ, EMSC, USGS and others. If you are running your own earthquake service we can also add you to keep your stakeholders updated. EQInfo allows you to filter earthquake information by agency, region and magnitude as well as to control update interval, institute priority and alarm types.

In this new modern version users of RaspberryShake seismographs can view, zoom and filter live seismograms from their own instruments or from RaspberryShake device closest to the event. Anyone who has experienced an earthquake can issue a felt report or view the reports from other people.

View seismograms from RaspberryShake seismographs or read and issue felt reports. Share your observations with others.

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Used by more than 34k active users and being in the top ten list of Google Play, EQInfo is one of the most popular apps for real-time earthquake information. It uses a plugin technology to import earthquake solutions from different sources which the user can select. EQInfo is free of advertisement and does not track the user. Get EQInfo free of charge from Google Play and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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