Sep 19, 2014



We established an organization at Github to improve collaboration and source code availability.


Because we think that Github is a great collaboration platform for software development. Currently people send us patches via email and tracking all issues becomes quite difficult in our email inboxes. With Github we can track issues and discussions and accept pull requests.

Another motivation is to collect user contributions that are not part of main line at a common location. If you have an interesting extension to SeisComP3 people should have a look at, tell us about it and we will fork your project to let users know about it.


The SeisComP3 source code can be found at

How to contribute?

Incorporate your changes into mainline

First you need to sign up at Github which is free. Fork our repository from and commit your changes. If you think it is time to integrate your changes into SeisComP3 issue a pull request that we will accept or reject. In case that we reject your pull request we will discuss the issue also on Github.

When you issue a pull request make sure that your branch is rebased against the target branch at the time of issuing the pull request.


Several branches and tags are available. The structure is as follows:

  • release/[name] Branch of a certain release
  • fix/[name] Branch that fixes a particular bug
  • feature/[name] Branch that implements a particular feature


git clone
git checkout release/jakarta
make -f Makefile.cvs