Advanced Training for SeisComP - Local Seismicity

Apr 7, 2025 - Apr 10, 2025


gempa GmbH, Potsdam, Germany

Would you like to advance your skills in SeisComP for monitoring of natural and induced seismicity at local distances? Join us for our very highly acclaimed Advanced Training in SeisComP .

The training will have a strong focus on monitoring local seismicity using SeisComP with scanloc and other dedicated gempa modules for which we are providing discounted licenses included in the course fee.

We add a new topic for easy sharing of event information between institutes: Real-time import of event parameters from external FDSNWS servers based on our QuakeLink.

This Advanced Course is perfect for experienced SeisComP users who wish to advance their SeisComP experience beyond standard applications while increasing the productivity of SeisComP systems for monitoring of local earthquakes. You get to learn about SeisComP and gempa modules from us - the main developers of the wide-spread OpenSource SeisComP package.

Our program is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. You will not just learn, but actively practice and master SeisComP. To ensure personalized attention and an optimal learning environment, our training is limited to just 8 participants.


Topics covered by the training

  • Upgrade to the latest SeisComP version.
  • Introduction to tuning options of the standard SeisComP package with optional release upgrade.
  • Introduction to scanloc for monitoring of local earthquakes.
  • Introduction to new S-picker algorithm with GUI for debugging and tuning.
  • Offline playbacks.
  • Tuning of scautopick and scautoloc for local earthquake monitoring.
  • Configuration of scanloc.
  • Configuration of new S-picker.
  • Data analysis and tuning.
  • Further customization as local velocity models, locator tools, magnitude configuration etc.
  • Customization of high-resolution maps, map projections and map layers such as faults or districts.
  • Participants may bring their own data sets and use it for tuning.

During the training we will spend much time individually with you for tuning. Ideally you will leave the training with a SeisComP system that is well-tuned for your applications. Please contact us for your specific suggestions.

gempa software included free of extra charge


scanloc with the S-picker plugin and QuakeLink are included in the training fee.

In addition to the training the participants get

  • an evaluation license of scanloc for cluster search based automatic earthquake detection and localization. The license is valid for 1 year and can be extended thereafter.
  • gempa’s S-picker plugin (SAIC).
  • gempa’s mapprojections package with plugins for enhancing maps.
  • gempa’s recordstream package with plugins for redundant data sources and convenient data routing.

A life-time license is provided for

  • The QuakeLink software package for real-time exchange of event parameters and redundancy between SeisComP systems or import of event parameters from external FDSNWS servers.


  • 07 - 10 April, 2025
  • 08:30 - 16:00 local time in Potsdam including breaks, optional extension upon participant’s interest and availability.


This classroom training will be held face-to-face at our gempa offices .

Course fee

  • 3,200 € per participant including the licenses for all gempa modules listed above and all taxes due in Germany - equally for non-profit or commercial institutes or companies.


Register now for this training using the contact form below or contact us by e-mail providing your full name with affiliation and address.


Terms and conditions

Course material

We will provide our printed course materials for easily following the training.

Hardware and software requirements

Participants bring their own computer with a supported Linux installed and WiFi access. gempa provides software only for Linux distributions with Long-Term-Support (LTS). Participants are responsible for the full functioning of their computer Alternatively, we can provide Linux in a Virtual Machine (VM) for which the participant must have VirtualBox with extension pack installed. Participants are responsible for installing and the full functioning of the VM before the start of the training.

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions section in our training overview for the hardware and software requirements of the Advanced training.

Accommodation, Boarding, Transportation

The course fee does not cover any costs for accommodation, boarding and transportation. Snacks and drinks will be provided during courses in our offices in Potsdam.

Accommodation and transportation in Potsdam

Potsdam offers a wide range of hotels at different categories. The city center of nearby Berlin is easy to reach by public transportation but at least half an hour extra time should be considered to get to our premises.

You may book your accommodation via Potsdam’s tourist information . Hotels in Potsdam that are close to our premises include:

Public transport in Potsdam and Berlin is usually dense and reliable. Trams, buses and trains are within walking distance from our office near the Potsdam’s central train station . Check the connections of tram, bus or train lines:

With many UNESCO World Heritage tourist attractions, Potsdam and Berlin have much to offer after the trainings. We are sure you will enjoy your stay with us.