Basic Training for SeisComP

Mar 21, 2022 - Mar 24, 2022


gempa GmbH, Potsdam, Germany, or online (COVID-19)

We are again announcing our very popular Basic Training for SeisComP. This Beginner Course is perfect for new SeisComP users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP system.

You get to learn about SeisComP from us - the main developers of this wide-spread OpenSource software package for real-time earthquake monitoring. In this regular training we will introduce SeisComP in the latest version to you.

The training is highly hands-on oriented and very intensive. You get to learn and to practice actively at all times. Therefore, the registration to the training is open to everyone but limited to a maximum of 8 persons.


COVID-19 precautions

We take your health and safety very serious and apply actions protecting you against COVID-19:

  • Small group: Strict limit to a maximum of 8 participants.
  • More space: Larger training room, maximum one person per desk and extra distancing during the training.
  • Protection: FFP2 face masks are worn when leaving desks.
  • Vaccination: All instructors and participants must have a valid vaccination against COVID-19 which is authorized for Germany or have recovered from COVID-19 within 6 months prior to the training. You will be asked to show a valid certificate before entering the training room.
  • Contact tracing: Mobile contact tracing during the training. All participants register with the Corona-Warn-App or any other interoperable contact tracing Apps from this list .
  • Entering Germany: At the time of your entry to Germany regulations published by the Federal Foreign Office may apply.

Topics covered by the training

  • Introduction to characteristics of SeisComP.
  • Installation of the latest SeisComP release and future updates.
  • Generation of station information including responses.
  • Setup of the data acquisition, storage and distribution using SeedLink and FDSNWS.
  • Configuration of the automatic and interactive data processing modules through the new graphical user interface.
  • Data management utilities.
  • Tuning of SeisComP for local, regional and global earthquake monitoring including the phase pickers, locator, associater and magnitudes.
  • Practical training (focusing on real-time playbacks, off-line playbacks and hands-on tuning).
  • Participants may bring their own data sets and use it for tuning.


  • Generation of station meta data including responses of sensors and data loggers from scratch using gempa’s SMP .

gempa software included free of charge

  • The QuakeLink software package for real-time exchange of event parameters and redundancy between SeisComP systems or import of event parameters from external FDSN Web servers.
  • The mapprojections package for different map projections and high-resolution custom or OpenStreetMap maps.

Please contact us if you wish to add your own topic.


  • 21 - 24 March, 2022
  • 08:30 - 16:00 local time in Potsdam including breaks, optional extension upon participant’s interest

Important COVID-19 adaptation: In case travel restrictions due to COVID-19 apply, we will provide the course online reducing the number of daily hours to 4 while extending the training by 4 days. The decision will be made latest 2 weeks before the start of the training. We will inform you about changes.


This classrom training will be held face-to-face at our gempa offices .

In case the training is held online we will provide video conferencing through our own web training server! We sit at our gempa offices in Potsdam, Germany and train you wherever you are.

Course fee

  • 2,000 € per participant including all taxed due in Germany - for commercial and non-commercial institutes or companies.


Register now for this training using the contact form below or contact us by e-mail providing your full name with affiliation and address.


Terms and conditions

Course material

We will provide you our printed course materials for easily following the training.

Hardware and software requirements

Participants bring their own computer with a supported Linux installed and WiFi access. gempa provides software only for Linux distributions with Long-Term-Support (LTS). Participants are responsible for the full functioning of their computer Alternatively, we can provide Linux in a Virtual Machine (VM) for which the participant must have VirtualBox with extension pack installed. Participants are responsible for installing and testing of the VM before the start of the training.

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions section in our trainings overview for the hardware and software requirements of the Basic training.

Accommodation, Boarding, Transportation

The course fee does not cover any cost for accommodation, boarding and transportation. Snacks and drinks will be provided during courses in our offices in Potsdam.

Accommodation and transportation in Potsdam

Potsdam offers a wide range of hotels at different categories. The city center of nearby Berlin is easy to reach by public transportation but at least half an hour extra time should be considered to get to our premises.

Hotels in Potsdam that are close to our premises include:

Public transport in Potsdam and Berlin is usually dense and reliable. Trams, buses and trains are within walking distance from our office near the Potsdam’s central train station . Check the connections of tram, bus or train lines:

With many UNESCO World Heritage tourist attractions, Potsdam and Berlin have much to offer after the trainings. We are sure you will enjoy your stay with us.