GeoTHERM - expo & congress: Offenburg, Germany

Feb. 14, 2019 -
Feb. 15, 2019

Messe Offenburg-Ortenau, Germany


Get in touch with us at GeoTHERM , experience our latest developments for monitoring earthquakes at all scales and early warning and learn about our upcoming events. Visit us at stand 145 in Offenburg-Ortenau, Germany!

Monitoring local earthquakes, microseismicity and blasts

At GeoTHERM we present our latest software solutions for monitoring the seismicty near exploration and production wells, in mines or naturally occuring elsewhere.

  • SeisComP3 - the latest release of this backbone for all your real-time and interactive earthquake monitoring
  • ccloc - template matching for event detection and discrimination
  • scanloc - for enhanced monitoring of local events in high-seismicity conditions based on clustersearch
  • SIGMA - for Seismic Intensity and Ground Motion Analysis - in real time and interactive
  • LAMBDA - our new module for array seismology monitoring small events outside of conventional networks
  • npeval - for evaluating network performance properties in real time
  • sceval - an automatic evaluator solutions classifying confident or fake solutions
  • GDS - the dissemination server providing tailored event information through an impressive variety of media
  • CAPS - our flexible multi-format data acquisition server providing data redundancy

See you soon at GeoTHERM in Offenburg, contact us to reserve your time with us!