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scrttv: Interactive pick association and full waveform reading in SeisComP 5.4.0

Apr 28, 2023  ·   Products

scrttv has undergone major improvements in SeisComP in version 5.4.0 allowing users to identify and select automatic and manual phase picks interactively which are associated to new origins. This can be done real time but now also very easily for any time in your waveform archive.

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ccloc: Faster computation on multiple threads or GPU

Dec 8, 2022  ·   Products

ccloc, our module for automatic detection and classification of seismic signals by cross correlation with template events has received a significant speed up after a major rework of the code now including the support for computation on multiple CPU threads and even on the graphics card (GPU).

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Keynote lecture and booth at IUGG Berlin 2023

Jul 11, 2023 - Jul 20, 2023  ·   Meetings

We will proudly present SeisComP at the 2023 IUGG meeting in Berlin/Germany in an invited keynote lecture on 17 July and share our latest software developments with you at our company booth at IUGG Berlin 2023, 28th general assembly which we share with RaspberryShake .

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Basic Training for SeisComP

Sep 18, 2023 - Sep 21, 2023  ·   Training

We are again announcing our very popular Basic Training for SeisComP . This Beginner Training is perfect for all who wish to get quickly started with a new productive SeisComP system in the most recent version.

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Latest earthquake information and felt reports

Free gempa App

Mobile application for Android and iOS devices

eqinfo app

Our free mobile app, providing recent earthquake information from 15+ earthquake monitoring centers such as GFZ, EMSC and USGS. It allows filtering by agency, region and magnitude as well as controlling agency priority and alarm types. Push notifications are used to rapidly inform you about new events. But most importantly, the app is free of advertisement and does not track the user.

EQInfo provides social media sharing options and lets you submit "Did you feel it" reports from your mobile device. In doing so, everyone can help to better assess the impact that an earthquake might have in their community.

Furthermore, EQInfo integrates seamlessly with your Raspberry Shake personal seismograph to bring you up-to-the-minute earthquake announcements including waveform snippets from your very own Raspberry Shake. In doing so, EQInfo accesses the largest citizen-scientist earthquake detection network in the world to bring you high fidelity earthquake information.

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