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CAPS with new web frontend offering increased functionality

Sep 1, 2022  ·   Products

The web frontend of CAPS has been completely redesigned offering much more functionality and interaction while presenting key server information to dedicated users. The re-design includes interactive browsing of CAPS data archives for viewing the availability of data in selected time spans.

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sceval and scanloc in pipelines or collaborative systems

Aug 1, 2022  ·   Products

In collaborative SeisComP systems with redundancy or with earthquake solutions imported from foreign systems, external origins are added to your local environment. Such external origins should be treated correctly by your own locally running modules including scanloc or sceval.

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Basic Training for SeisComP

Mar 13, 2023 - Mar 16, 2023  ·   Training

We are again announcing our very popular Basic Training for SeisComP . This Beginner Training is perfect for all who wish to get quickly started with a new productive SeisComP system in the most recent version.

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Advanced Training for SeisComP - Local Seismicity

Mar 20, 2023 - Mar 23, 2023  ·   Training

We are again announcing our very popular Advanced Training for SeisComP . The training will have a strong focus on monitoring local seismicity using SeisComP with scanloc and other dedicated gempa modules for which we are providing the licenses included in the course fee. We add a new topic for easy sharing of event information between institutes: Real-time import of event parameters from external FDSNWS servers based on our QuakeLink.

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Latest earthquake information and felt reports

Free gempa App

Mobile application for Android and iOS devices

eqinfo app

Our free mobile app, providing recent earthquake information from 15+ earthquake monitoring centers such as GFZ, EMSC and USGS. It allows filtering by agency, region and magnitude as well as controlling agency priority and alarm types. Push notifications are used to rapidly inform you about new events. But most importantly, the app is free of advertisement and does not track the user.

EQInfo provides social media sharing options and lets you submit "Did you feel it" reports from your mobile device. In doing so, everyone can help to better assess the impact that an earthquake might have in their community.

Furthermore, EQInfo integrates seamlessly with your Raspberry Shake personal seismograph to bring you up-to-the-minute earthquake announcements including waveform snippets from your very own Raspberry Shake. In doing so, EQInfo accesses the largest citizen-scientist earthquake detection network in the world to bring you high fidelity earthquake information.

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