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TOAST in the media for tsunami alert after the M7.5 earthquake on 14 December 2021.

Dec 14, 2021  ·   Products

Our dedicated tsunami module, TOAST, supports media to provide high-quality tsunami information and alerts to the public after earthquakes which potentially generate tsunamis. As tsunamis may be of high risk to societies living along the ocean’s shores, TOAST plays a key role in saving live and protecting infrastructure.

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gsm: New version 1.0.1 released - actions are required

Jul 12, 2021  ·   Products

gsm is our preferred solution for installing and updating SeisComP and gempa modules by a single application. It ensures consistent and up-to-date SeisComP systems and makes their maintenance easy by a very few commands.

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Basic Training for SeisComP

Mar 21, 2022 - Mar 24, 2022  ·   Training

We are again announcing our very popular Basic Training for SeisComP. This Beginner Course is perfect for new SeisComP users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP system.

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Advanced Training for SeisComP - Local Seismicity

Apr 4, 2022 - Apr 7, 2022  ·   Training

We are again announcing our very popular Advanced Training for SeisComP. The training will have a strong focus on local earthquakes using scanloc and other dedicated gempa modules . For the first time we add a new topic: Real-time import of event parameters from external FDSN Web servers based on our QuakeLink .

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eqinfo app

Our free Android app, providing recent earthquake information from various earthquake monitoring centers as GFZ, EMSC, USGS and others. It allows filtering of agency, region and magnitude as well as controlling update interval, institute priority and alarm types.

Used by more than 34k active users and beeing in the top ten list of Google Play, EQInfo is one of the most popular apps for earthquake information. It is using a plugin technology to import earthquake solutions from different sources. EQInfo is free of advertisement and does not track the user.

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